2-2. How to Apply

How to Apply (for foreign students)

・Application period:

From early October through end of October, prior to the applicable academic year.

・Eligibility for Application: Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  1. A foreign (non-Japanese) student intending to enter a university or an equivalent organization in Japan as a regular student of a graduate program (either a master's or pre-doctoral program) from April of the applicable academic year. Field of research is not limited.
  2. Students with an exemplary academic record, of good character, and who demonstrate financial need.
  3. Those who can attend an interview arranged to be held in February or March.
  4. Those who can attend an orientation session after the selection as scholarship recipients of the Foundation.
  5. Students with fluency in written and spoken Japanese.
  6. Those who reside in Japan whose visa status is that of foreign student.
  7. Those age 29 or under as of April 1st of the applicable academic year are preferred, though it is not a requirement. (Those age 30 or over must state the reasons for starting their studies late.)
*Any students intending to enter a doctoral program are not eligible. (However, candidates of a pre-doctoral program are eligible.)
*The term "regular student" does not include research students, trainees, special students, audit students or exchange students.
*Those who will receive financial aid from other organizations are not eligible.
*We do not accept any applications from those living outside of Japan.

・Materials that should be prepared in advance.

A. Transcript of grades: You will be requested to submit official academic records of all schools which you attended after you graduated from high school (e.g. universities outside of Japan, 2-year colleges, vocational schools, language schools, technical colleges). A photocopy is not accepted unless it has an original official stamp or seal on it.

We accept only Japanese or English transcripts.

B. Certificate of Japanese language proficiency: You will have to submit a photocopy of a Certificate of Proficiency or a score report of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test administered by the Association of International Education, Japan. If you have not taken the test yet, we recommend taking it in advance. The test is usually held in December. Please contact the Association for further information.


※ Application documentation other than the above items will be announced in the application guidelines. Therefore, we recommned that you obtain a copy of the guidelines in the early stages of the application period that will start at the beginning of October and begin preparing well in advance.The application guideline will be available in this website on September 1.